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Are you bamboozled by gobbledegook? Tired of these other websites that retire or drop off the map after you have put in #huge amounts of effort to find and submit your link.
You want to just submit a link and have it permanently shown for years to com without any hassles or broken pages and endless 3rd party #advertising obscuring the buttons you need to press.
I want a place where submission is easy with only one form to fill in as text only without any html where there is nothing #technical that I need to understand or learn.
I just want to do it quickly and move on to the next thing where ever that may be as passing on link #juice for seo purposes is the whole reason for it all.
Seo is the process used to #optimize a websites technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so it’s pages can become easily findable. A consequence of this is better positioning.
You don’t have to be a #rocket scientist to use our microblogger. You can quickly and easily share anything you like from gardening, cooking, shopping, travel to space in any group category.
Simply tag your post with a hashtag like #apples and this post will additionally be placed into a list containing other posts with the same #tag this tag is the keyword used for search engines to find.
Posting statuses to your microblog is done with only one form, enter text only in 255 characters or less without any html or the need to select any other options like categories or #meta keyword tags.
Automatic url generation caters for ahrefs just add infront of any url and like wise for hashtags enter any search term as one single word without spaces like #hashtag. Other features include.
Follow Wall: Your posts can be followed which display to your followers immediately giving you additional exposure, clicks and #free advertising. The more followers you get the more clicks you get.
Popular Wall: Members can like a post and these will get shown in order of most liked. If your post #trends you go straight to the top of the page and will stay there until another post gets more likes.
Profile: This is your #microblog You can post a single status or build a relevant page related to the subject of your choice to pass link juice to your own website.
Publishing: Submissions are automatically approved, you can check the entry after #submission and delete it yourself at any time.
Email: Am I going to get spammed? No!, after you signup and confirm your #email address the only other email that leaves our platform is for when and if you forget your password. Two emails in total, that’s it.
All #actions that are taken have the potential for future growth, meaning things don’t stay stagnant when you are doing other things.
You can follow 100 people wait and return at a later date to see who has followed you back, remove those that have not followed, rinsed and repeat. Then post another #status for your new followers to see in an easy simplified way.
In essence it’s like waiting for the sun to shine, planting a seed, adding some #water, letting it grow and every now and then tending to it by way of clipping, pruning and tidying.
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