Pentominoes on Surfaces generally, you want to use one of each #pentomino to tile the board, but you're welcome to use this app however you like, and there are no prohibitions against using a tile more than once.

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World of Cheese Education Juliet Harbutt is one of the world's leading authorities on all things #cheese Hosts Cheese & Wine Tasting in New Zealand. Award winning bespoke Hunter Gatherer Tours - self drive and guided. - Don’t let #libraries die. As the future goes digital, major publishers are suing to cut off libraries defense of digital books from censorship. It’s time to _ back.
Mark's Very Large National Lampoon Site - - Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of #National Lampoon Magazine (1970-1975).
The Self-Insert Story Generator - - Welcome to the Self-Insert #Fanfiction Generator! It's nothing more and nothing less than what it says on the tin. - Petsite where you can collect, design, breed, and sell #virtual wolves! 17 breeds and tons of markings, genetic mutations, textures and accessories. - This is a note on, the Turing Award laureate, Ted Codd's revolutionary paper — A #Relational Model of #Data for Large Shared Data Banks.
What Peng Shuai reveals about one-party rule - - When a tennis star accuses a grandee of assault, China has no answer. - Which tire fits my bike? Tires are always flat and now buy a #tire with puncture protection? Find the right tire now!.
Buzkashi in Tajikistan - Central Asia's oldest proto-polo horse sport - - Award-winning photographs of Buzkashi, Central Asia's quintessential proto-polo sport. Photos of #horses and riders from matches.
Our Self Imposed #scarcity of Nice Places - - Why is it that when a place is [pick one: walkable, bikeable, beautiful, lovable, inviting, human-scale].
The Most #beautiful Gardens in the World, According to Tourists -
Present bias: how #instant gratification impacts your long-term goals -
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