A #history learning tool historylogbook.app - Designed to assist students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of a topic and deriving insightful information by connecting historical dots through timelines and maps.

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Transparent Textures transparenttextures.com A large collection of #CSS patterns, which can be filtered and colorized.
The Bullet Journal Method How and Why to Use a BuJo - 101planners.com/the-bullet-journal-method/ - A step by step explanation on how to use the bullet #journal method and how not to use it.
blog.reedsy.com/plot-generator/ - Jumpstart your novel with this random plot generator, which can churn out 500,000+ good #plot and story combinations, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, mystery, or drama.
whimsy.space - I have long been alarmed by people’s sheeplike acceptance of the term #computertechnology - it sounds so objective and inexorable - when most computer technology is really a bunch of ideas turned into conventions and packages.
More on #Herringbone Wang Tiles - nothings.org/gamedev/herringbone/more_herringbone_tiles.html.
youtube.com/watch?v=RG5PUuEz7rI - #djaphrodite - Let It Roll (VIP).
remove-vocals.com/ - Remove vocals from any song and get the instrumental #karaoke track using state of the art AI.
What Is the Internet of Things? A WIRED Guide - wired.com/story/wired-guide-internet-of-things/ - What you need to know about the promise (and peril) of networked lightbulbs, ovens, cameras, speakers and, well #everything.
Learn how to #garden and grow plants successfully from the National Gardening Association. Read articles about vegetables, flowers, and herb and much more - garden.org.
Star Wars: An Interactive Galactic Experience - starwarsgalaxy.co.
Customise, adjust and download free vector icons. Ikonate is an adaptable set of optimised, accessible SVG #icons that use can easily use in both development and design apps such as Sketch and Photoshop - ikonate.com.
Philosophers and scientists have been at war for decades over the question of what makes human beings more than #complex robots - theguardian.com/science/2015/jan/21/-sp-why-cant-worlds-greatest-minds-solve-mystery-consciousness.
Skip Lievsay is one of the most talented men in Hollywood. He has created #audioscapes for Martin Scorsese and is the only sound man ... theguardian.com/film/2015/jul/22/rain-is-sizzling-bacon-cars-lions-roaring-art-of-sound-in-movies.
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