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Statuses 13 - #John has thoughts. Some of those thoughts make it here. Some of those thoughts might even be worth reading. - This free collection of beautiful long text #shadows includes the fonts, colors, and #CSS code to render it for your own site.
Significant buildings of a #modernist architect Walter Gropius -
Underwater, Terrestrial and Aerial Photos - - Natural history #photography of blue whales, great white sharks, national parks, kelp forests, coral reefs, islands, landscapes and aerial photographs. - #chicane "Saltwater". - #theprodigy - Timebomb Zone (Official Video). - What if the #climate change could be arrested by simply paying attention to our daily actions? Take the quiz and find out what you can do now!.
Track and share your bonsai journey. Log care events and browse #bonsai progressions by a community of artists and hobbyists from around the world. Learn best practices to care for different bonsai species.
My 70's TV! - A nostalgic television #simulator to help keep the 70's staying alive -
Catalog of Ridiculous Records - This is the home of the catalogue of ridiculous world records. The records that Guinness probably wouldn't recognize even if we could be bothered to ask them -
Find thousands of free and printable coloring pages and books More than 45,000 images, pictures, and #coloring sheets clearly arranged in categories -
DaysSinceBirth - How old are you in days? -
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