How to Stop Overthinking Everything - [...].

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Sticky Thing Interactive #HTML5 experiment for desktop and mobiles.
Top question with the most votes on Stackoverflow - Why is processing a sorted array faster than processing an unsorted array? - - is an online, anonymous note taking app in Markdown where #notes live for 24 hours. - A 100% Free and Secure Browser Notes #App. - This website is meant to offer a playful experience by discovering tattooed body parts from an odd perspective. Anyone is welcome to contribute #tattoos they made or wear. - Tinkersynth is an experimental art project. It lets you create unique generative art by making serendipitous #discoveries through experimentation. - Promoting and celebrating the latest design work, up and coming #designers and the design community. - None of them had ever seen a #horse like Barbaro: the speed of a rocket, the spirit of a champion in his eyes. After the horse's devastating injury at the Preakness with the world watching.
Nationwide Property Data and Mapping Tools for Everyone - - A leading provider of nationwide land parcel and #location context data, with over 150 Million property boundaries and tax assessment information.
Backyard approaching lighting at Adelaide Airport - - Located smack bang in the middle of South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide Airport has an interesting runway approach.
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